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Every journey begins with a single step and in this case, that step is in tandem with my father, the acclaimed Irish sculptor Ronan Halpin.

Our story

The initial idea behind Folklorr began to form while mulling over how best to promote my father’s work online, not just in our small summertime gallery.

Yes, I felt that he produced beautiful work, however, I also felt that there was a lot of value to be derived from his story, especially his relationship with our beautiful, yet wild and rugged Achill Island home.

Eventually, the idea crystalised into Folklorr - a platform that leverages the online space to design immersive buying experiences.

Oisín Halpin | Founder

LinkedIn logo.Ronan Halpin and Oisín Halpin standing in front of a bush.
Ronan & Oisín

Our first partner


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